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An escort is many things: a butterfly, a fantasy, a courtesan, a hooker… She exudes beauty, sexual chemistry and eroticism from every pore and fiber of her being and her clients rush to her for the promise of limitless joy and desire. Her job is to impress her clients, and leave him wanting more from her A+ erotic performance.

It’s not rocket science, but there is an art to rocking sexuality. We compiled a list of tips from observing the most successful escorts on TopEscortBabes, along with our industry know-how. Here are some tips for inspired escorts who want to be at the top of their game:

Look sexy, be sexy

An elite escort should make herself look beautiful because if she feels sensual, he’ll pick up on that. Sheer fabrics draped over intricate lingerie and drawing attention to the contours of a woman’s skin is a real turn-on. And if she smells nice, takes care of her skin, has a shine in her hair, and a spark in her eyes, then her clients will find her breathtaking and arousing. They’ll be drawn to her irresistible glow.

Build-up to the meeting

In the lead-up to the meeting, a dirty little text message is guaranteed to keep the client thinking of her with longing and expectation. A surprise photo of lingerie casually lying on satin bed sheets will give the client a brief glimpse into the pleasure that is in store for him and he’ll be thinking about it all day long. The creation of expectation, emotion, eagerness light a spark that goes a long way to warm things up.

Pamper him, put on a show

It’s showtime. Every client wants to feel special, like he is the only one. To offer a unique experience, the escort should be present for the moment, making the client feel that those moments with him are precious. She can give him coy lingering looks, and ‘read’ his mind to become what he wants which could be anything from a submissive geisha to a kinky dominatrix. A dutiful escort, should genuinely make an effort to fulfil his needs, and ensure he has a mind-blowing experience so that he feels like a god. And take pleasure from the experience too. She should be graceful, grateful, gratuitous in her offerings of eroticism.

Have fun and show him you love it

Being an escort is more than just a job. It’s about triggering loin-yearning gratification – and that’s no small feat. To do it well, the escort should find something about the man and the moment that she is turned on by and grab genuine enjoyment from the experience. After all, nobody likes being with a wet rag. It takes two to tango and the escort needs to also have fun and show him how much she can’t get enough of his presence. If he feels like a rock star by the end of the experience, then her work is done.

Be honest but diplomatic

Good escorts draw boundaries upfront. They are clear about their services and what is included in the price. It shouldn’t feel like a financial transaction, but the client should be aware of the rules and regulations.


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